Jonathan Reed | 7 days

One of the best parts of being a photographer is being able to be a part of someone’s special moments in life. It is always special to be a part of a new little one’s life.. but even more so when you have known their mom since you both were 15 years old! Liz and I met in our freshman year of high school. We lost touch after high school because of going to different colleges and all of that life stuff that happens after high school. I knew that Liz had recently moved back to Jacksonville and was pregnant with her second little bundle of joy. When she contacted me about newborn photos I could not have been more excited! When we saw each other for the first time after almost 9 years, it was like we never missed a beat! I walked into her beyond lovely home to meet her wonderful husband, gorgeous little girl and sweet little 7 day old baby boy. We spent probably the first hour just catching up on all of the happenings of our lives since high school.

For those of you who have been apart of a newborn session or had a newborn yourself… you know that babies don’t exactly always cooperate the way you want them to. Sweet baby Reed however… was an absolute ANGEL! He slept almost the entire time and didn’t mind being moved around multiple times throughout the session… seriously!! Reed’s big sister, Lora Ann, is the sweetest with her new baby brother. She is always checking on him and making sure he is happy. Well, enough with all the chit chat.. here are some of my favorite’s from Reed’s newborn session! _DSC1566-1 _DSC1570 _DSC1589 _DSC1658-1 _DSC1663 _DSC1696-1 _DSC2060-1 _DSC2075-1 _DSC2078 _DSC2099 _DSC2110 _DSC2142 _DSC2167 _DSC2166I hope you enjoyed looking at these images as much as I loved creating them with a loving family 🙂

Until next time! XO- Erynn

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